All organizations face change. The ability to effectively scale, actively manage, and proactively embrace that change can make or break an organization’s future success.

Collabria, Inc. is an organizational effectiveness consulting firm specializing in helping small to mid-size companies navigate growth. We help leaders with expansion initiatives (M&A support, scaling a function, prioritized execution plans), strategic HR projects (manager/leader development, executive alignment, shifting from operational to strategic HR), and organization change (communications strategies, change management projects, culture and engagement).

Our practice focuses on how companies can maximize their organizational effectiveness. We help clients address organizational challenges, clarify desired outcomes, and leverage their most valuable asset, their people. We emphasize three key principles:

  • Creativity and Flexibility in Partnership and Solution
  • A Drive Towards Execution and Results
  • An Unwavering Commitment to Integrity

Vision + Strategy

We leverage best practice, both internal and industry, to align leaders around specific outcomes. We facilitate and lead teams through workshops to define their roadmap to success.

  • Vision, Mission, Values Mapping
  • Strategic Workshop Design & Delivery
  • Strategy Assessment + Roadmaps

Organizational Effectiveness + Development

We work with HR leaders to assess and impact the development and effectiveness of the full organization. We look holistically at strategy, culture, and future objectives to drive leader, team, and individual contributions.

  • Post-merger Organizational Design + Assessment
  • Leadership Development + Coaching
  • Succession & Talent Management
  • Culture & Employee Engagement

Change Management + Communications

We bring structure to helping an organization through change. We focus on business processes and systems, people and readiness, and healthy timing.

  • Integration of Companies, Cultures
  • Stakeholder Analysis & Engagement
  • Adoption of New Processes, Systems, Technologies
  • Communications Strategy + Planning

Process Optimization

Growth provides opportunities to increase process performance. We help internal teams define more effective ways of working together.

  • Cross-functional Process Cleanup
  • Performance Measurement & Scorecarding
  • Initiative Prioritization